Oradea Coffee Guide

Oradea Coffee Guide: Let’s find the Best Cafe in Town

My Oradea coffee guide will introduce you to the local coffee culture and show you where to find a great cup of coffee in town. Given that Oradea is a small, off-the-beaten-path city in Romania, Eastern Europe, you may wonder if you’ll find good coffee here. I’m pleased to report that the coffee culture in Oradea is flourishing. I was deeply impressed not only by the high quality of the drinks but also by their affordability. Within the Old Town centre are various third-wave cafés serving quality specialty coffee. Each café is exceptionally stylish and designed with an ambience that oozes a big city vibe. 

Sounds good? Then let’s have coffee in Oradea, Romania.

Oradea Coffee Guide & Cafes Insight

  • Coffee never costs more than 15 Lei (3€)
  • WiFi is often password-protected
  • Water is not always served automatically
  • Speciality coffee is of high quality
  • Several well-known and established cafe brands from the Danube region have set up shop in Oradea

Historic Overview of the Oradea Coffee Culture

  • Around 1900, Oradea was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, sharing similar historical ties and a background in how coffee culture arrived in the region as to Vienna and Budapest.
  • Traditional coffee houses in Oradea mirrored modern social life and linked to the rest of Europe, drawing inspiration from Western European models.
  • Oradea once had coffee houses located on what is now known today as Strada Teatrului. The four traditional establishments were Emke, Royal, Crown, and Pannonia. Each of these coffee houses emulated the style of those in big cities, bringing a touch of international urban flair to Oradea.
  • Emke: opened in 1902, owned by Stern Herman, and mostly visited by journalists and poets. The literary society “A Holnap” was founded here. It changed its name to Astoria in 1930 and has since been known as a place for live music, alcoholic beverages and lively nightlife.
  • Café Royale: was known for bringing international musicians and orchestras to Oradea, which the local press described as “a revolution” in 1932. The entire complex, formerly known as Hotel Rimanóczy, included a hotel, spa, and café. It was designed by architect Kálmán Rimanóczy in the eclectic style and built in two phases. The southern part (1892) is much older than the northern wing, which was completed in 1900 and considered the most modern hotel in town at the time. The Royal is currently under construction. 
  • Pannonia: was renowned for its French and Hungarian cuisine, highlighting Oradea’s appreciation for both local and Western European styles. Today, the former Pannonia is home to Hotel Transylvania. 
  • Despite the local newspaper Vestul României praising the coffee culture as “surpassing all the cities in the country in terms of café life,” some negative criticisms surfaced in the local press. Cafés were branded as “time-stealing” establishments and dismissed for fostering laziness, indifference, and gossip. Smoking and the presence of women in cafés were also frowned upon in society.

My personal favourite Oradea Coffee & Brunch Cafes

Below are some of my favourite cafés in Oradea, which I visited frequently during my stay.


coffee and vegan bounty treat at madal cafe oradea
The brand-new Madal café in Oradea
madal cafe in oradea romania

Opened just three weeks ago, Madal can be found at Strada Primăriei 30 located in the central arcade. The café brand is originally from Budapest and established in 2013. On offer are vegan treats, great coffee and very friendly staff. My cappuccino was a creamy, smooth drink made from a light Brazilian roast. Espressos and Americans were made from an Ethiopian blend. Branded wooden boards for presenting the coffee will always add a nice touch, enhancing the overall coffee experience for me (not included in the picture but onsite).

Price Point: cappuccino 12 Lei (2.30€) 


Oradea Meron cafe inside with a cappuccino
They are all here: spoon, water, coffee

I was deeply impressed, not only by the ultra-modern interior design but also by the stylish presentation of Meron’s products. In good coffee culture, there’s an unwritten rule to refrain from licking your spoon and instead serve a glass of water alongside for cleaning it. Here, I was provided with a separate glass just for the spoon, making it the only café I’ve encountered on my travels that honours this tradition. The coffee here is exceptional, as is the music. Meron even has its own radio station, playing one house music hit after another. I’ll be back for sure. 

Price Point: cappuccino 15 Lei (3€)

Street Roasters

ceramic cup of coffee from street roasters oradea
I have a weak spot for ceramic coffee mugs

Street Roasters is a local institution which you can find at the far end of Union Square, opposite the iconic Moon Church. The café may seem small and unassuming from the outside, but once you are in, it offers a characterful environment: the exposed brick walls in a vault-like room create a laid-back atmosphere. My medium-roasted coffee had a pleasant and smooth taste. Its presentation was quite appealing, too. Unfortunately, there aren’t any bathrooms, so you may not want to stay here for too long. 

Price Point: cappuccino 11 Lei (approx. 2.20€)

Dripper – The Factory

the dripper factory and cup of cappuccino in oradea
Coffee serving at Dripper The Factory
The Dripper brunch cafe in Oradea
Granola breakfast at Dripper brunch café in Oradea

Dripper are a great addition to the Oradea coffee culture. The local brand have a separate branch dedicated to brunch on Strada Vasile Alecsandri, and their coffee factory on Strada Primăriei handles all the roasting. At the factory, they now focus exclusively on serving drinks, and no longer on food. The interior is meticulously neat, modern, and stylish, featuring a colour scheme of grey complemented by vintage rose and turquoise. 

Oh boi, I’m now obsessed with this colour combo! The staff were friendly, the seating was comfortable, the coffee vibed, and time just flew by. Their medium roast coffee, with a higher coffee-to-milk ratio, was a perfect blend for my taste buds. Saying that, my taste buds also approve of The Dripper brunch café on Strada Vasile Alecsandri. Here, I ordered their granola and a fresh orange juice. Both delicious, well priced and filling for another day of sightseeing.  

Price Point: cappuccino 12 Lei (approx. 2.40€) | granola 19 Lei (3.90€)

Other noteworthy cafés in Oradea for another time include: Sip, Snooze, Ristretto, and Ted’s.

Making of My “Oradea Coffee Guide”

  • Researched onsite at the city museum and in the town of Oradea
  • Paid for my own travel and coffee expenses

FAQs about My Oradea Coffee Guide

I understand this post is quite detailed, and you may have a few quick questions about my Oradea coffee guide. Feel free to consult any section for more information on your trip. If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch. 

How much is a Cup of Coffee in Oradea?

Oradea has a plethora of third wave cafés and all of them serve quality specialty coffee. I never paid more than 3€ for a great cup of coffee. The cafés are all super modern with a big city feel. 

How big is the Oradea Coffee Culture? 

It’s not as extensive as e.g. in Brno, but I have to say for such a compact city I am impressed by the high quality of the drinks, the many gorgeous cafés and relaxed atmosphere – all contributing factors to a universal, urban experience. If Oradea becomes more touristic and gentrified in future, I can see many more café brands settling here.

Thanks so much for reading. If you’ve enjoyed my Oradea coffee guide and would like to support my blog & research, you can do so via Buy Me a Coffee.

Till next time,


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